Development is our goal; development driven by people who care!

In all assignments entrusted to us, we try to find the delicate balance between commerce and compassion based on the principle that entrepreneurship can become a valuable element in society. That drives us……. That is what we pursue…….!

Company Profile for FOCUS BDC

FOCUS Business Development Consultants created in Jamaica in the year 2007, is a private and fully independent consulting company.  Focus BDC’s team is composed of microfinance specialists based out of Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region. Focus BDC relies as well on a restricted number of selected professional external consultants to complement the work of the internal consultants.

Focus BDC specializes in the promotion and development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Caribbean and the World.

Our Business Development Consultants focus on implementation of MSME promotion and capacity building for MSME service providers/MSME Financial Institutions. We also focus our attention on implementing the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in the MSME-sector across the Caribbean and the World.

We believe in a fair society, where people can develop their entrepreneurial talents with equal opportunities for those who want to set up their own businesses.

We combine our consultancy services with innovation, implementation and capacity building. This combination must lead to the creation of sustainable and decent work and income for those who wish to use their talents.

Focus Business Development Consultants provides cost-effective, innovative, and sustainable business solutions for commercial and non-profit microfinance providers, through specialized technical assistance (TA), training, and direct project management in the areas of institutional development, risk management, business and strategic planning, finance planning, credit operations and human resources readiness.

To achieve our mission, we aim at linking entrepreneurs with the world of finance and business support services. Access to adequate and sustainable financial and non-financial services is essential, as well as effective functioning of the organizations rendering such services.

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